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The Real Work with Mark Achler

These are conversations that get inside the minds of innovative thinkers. Host Mark Achler talks with artists, investors, designers, and change makers about building the pathways to making ideas REAL. ... More...
April 5, 202300:29:07
Ben is a tech journalist, content machine and co-founder of Octane AI. He's also obsessed with the science of capturing people’s attention. In this episode, Mark takes a deeper peak into the brain artificial intelligence may never harness.
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April 4, 202300:34:57
Peter is a ridiculously gifted singer-songwriter who has created a team building consulting business called Big Muse. In this episode, Mark taps into how the power of music can be used to build high functioning, high trust teams.
... More...
April 3, 202300:47:07
Meet Suzanne Muchin, a Charter Corps member of Teach for America, co-founder of Bonfire for Women and marathon runner. Suzanne is feeding the rising generation of women in the workplace. In this episode, learn life hacks and how to construct a business with social impact.
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April 2, 202300:28:11
Neal is a self-taught coder turned mentor and diversity innovator. He is even driving fresh-thought on accountability in government by aligning campaign promises with KPI's. In this episode, some important lessons on accelerating the solutions to every day problems.
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April 1, 202300:33:57
Meet a design-thinker for innovative brands like Starbucks, Sodexo, and Redbox among others. Jim Cohen fuels teams with the courage need to sustain their commitment to new products and experiences. In this episode, a crash course in finding the “reason” for the work you do.
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March 31, 202300:36:21
Jonny is the co-founder of ClozTalk and Immerman Angels. He's a minimalist, a dream maker, and lifetime member of the church of kindness
. In this episode, Mark unpacks how to win the battle for simplicity.
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March 30, 202300:33:50
An evangelist for business owners, James has a passion for curating the next generation of leaders. In this episode, we strategize one of the most significant moments in life; selling a business.
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