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Live Inspired with John O'Leary

World-renowned inspirational speaker + national bestselling author John O’Leary wants to help you wake up from accidental living so you can do, be, achieve and impact more through your life. Live Inspired, the Noteworthy Collection features John's interviews with people who are living their best life. You'll hear conversations that will ignite a new chapter in your life. ... More...
September 17, 202300:49:00
My mom has taught me more about resilience, faith, courage, redemption, family, love and life than ANYONE else in the world. That’s why I was so honored to have her as my very first guest of Live Inspired! If you’ve ever heard me speak, you’ve heard a lot about the impact my mom has had on my life. For those of you who’ve not, here is just one example. My mom and dad’s unauthorized biography of my life, Overwhelming Odds, is what encouraged me to accept, own and celebrate my scars and my story. As if that wasn’t enough! The initial 200 copies they printed to share with friends and family has resulted in my becoming a professional speaker nearly 10 years ago and the subsequent sale of more than 60,000 copies. With tears and laughter, this conversation will reassure you of the incredible power of faith, hope, prayer and community.
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September 17, 202300:56:32
Brené Brown, 4x New York Times bestselling author, researcher, Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday favorite and top-5 TED Talk presenter of all time, joins us! We’ll talk about her book Dare to Lead. Share tips to become better leaders. Identify what might be holding us back. And hear the vulnerability expert share vulnerably about her “big, rowdy Texas” family + life. Join us to live (and lead!) inspired with one of my very favorite authors.
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September 17, 202301:03:07
Mel Robbins is the author of The 5 Second Rule, the #1 audio book in the world. She is also the most booked female speaker and hosts the Audible Original series Kick Ass With Mel Robbins. Today, Mel Robbins shares how millions of people have transformed their lives by using her 5-second rule. Even more amazing, she shares how it originated (as a tool to help her overcome the anxiety and malaise that were crushing her life). Mel Robbins is ON FIRE and is offering a simple tool that will help us all live more inspired.
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September 17, 202301:03:54
Charlie Plumb spent his impoverished yet idyllic childhood in Kansas “kicking cans and playing in the light of the moon.” When it was time for college, he won a scholarship and hopped on a Greyhound bus to the military academy in Annapolis. After graduating from the Naval Academy, he immediately married his high school sweet heart and went onto flight training. In 1963 he was in Vietnam and on his 75th mission, his plane was shot down. Charlie says what got him through captivity was his “why” or his purpose — coming home safely to his bride. Years later when he finally got off enemy soil and called her, she shared that she had filed for divorce and was engaged to another man. Charlie was never bitter. He didn’t regret not knowing that his wife had moved on. “I thought, how can I be unhappy? I’ve just been released from prison. 24/7 I didn’t know if I’d be alive [and today I’m free] you can’t rain on my parade.” Charlie’s spirit captivated John and Charlie is one of the reasons John so vulnerably shares his story today. It is our honor to share the story of Charlie Plumb, an American Hero. He will inspire you to never take your freedom or life for granted.
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September 17, 202301:09:53
Every January 18 is an important day for me. More than 30 years ago, I’d been laying in a hospital bed for a full day after being burned on 100% of my body. I couldn’t move. My eyes were swollen shut. Into that darkness came my very special hero, the voice of the St. Louis Cardinals, Jack Buck. He was told I’d die. But yet he came back day after day to encourage me to live. Then, he held “John O’Leary Day” at the Ballpark at Busch stadium to help me celebrate life. Next, he taught me to write again by giving me 60 very special gifts. And the story keeps going… To do justice to Jack’s story and legacy I have a very special guest joining me on our show. Today, we’re joined by Emmy-award-winning announcer, father, husband, leader, author and Jack Buck’s son: Joe Buck. Joe will share about his life, his dad and things he can’t share on air. From being bullied as a kid to dreaming about how to improve dialogue between inner cities and police enforcement, Joe doesn’t hold anything back.
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September 16, 202301:08:12
Lauren Daigle is the fastest-selling new artist in the Contemporary Christian genre of the last decade. Critically acclaimed for her unique, soulful + soaring vocals, the singer-songwriter is sincere, down-to-earth and has unwavering faith. Today, the 2-time Grammy Award winner shares how her Louisiana-roots cultivated her appreciation for music, the uplifting inspiration behind her lyrics, and how rediscovering her childlike wonder helped her find greater joy in life. Lauren also shares how she previously embraced a period of stillness amidst a whirlwind of success, how it propelled her forward into her next fruitful season + what it could mean for you.
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September 16, 202300:51:07
Did you know… - Two-thirds of Americans report feeling lonely, and that’s even before the pandemic. - The average American hasn’t made a new friend in the last five years. - Loneliness is as toxic as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Today, psychologist and friendship expert Dr. Marisa Franco shares her research in the science of friendship and the powerful benefits platonic friendships have on our overall wellbeing. In a season of social fragmentation and rampant loneliness, join us as we provide the tools needed to make, maintain and deepen friendships.
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September 16, 202300:59:30
As a transformational teacher, Kute Blackson’s mission is simple: To awaken and inspire people across the planet to access inner freedom, live authentically and fulfill their true life’s purpose. Kute’s multicultural upbringing spanning four continents offers a unique foundation in his approach to breaking down barriers and unlocking an individual’s true gifts and greatness. Modeling courage and resilience, hear Kute share his fresh look at spiritual awareness, practical ideas and soul-stirring wisdom that will ignite the heart and inspire courageous action.
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September 16, 202301:12:58
Bob Costas has earned 29 Emmy awards – more than any other sports broadcaster. He is also the only person to have won in news, sports and entertainment. So, what do Bob and I have in common? Bob was mentored by my dear friend, Jack Buck. Don’t miss this heartfelt conversation as Bob reflects on his humble beginnings + his most iconic interviews and memorable moments from 25 years of covering the greatest events of our time
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September 16, 202300:58:09
Nick Vujicic has a passion to inspire the world. After being born without arms or legs, Nick faced tremendous obstacles including helplessness + isolation —  until he discovered his purpose. As a New York Times bestselling author, international speaker, entrepreneur and father of four, Nick emphasizes that no matter your circumstance, you can overcome. Today, Nick shares his path to finding purpose, how sharing his struggles have inspired billions + what he’s looking forward to. This conversation with an ambassador of hope will remind you that we all can rise above adversity and overcome every disability and live a life without limits.
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