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The Trippist

On this podcast, TV writers Barb Wallace and Tom Wolfe, aka The Trippist, invite guests to tell their travel stories. Then they tell some of theirs. They may not have traveled as much as Rick Steves or Anthony Bourdain, but they’ve been lots of places, met lots of people and are willing to give you the whole audio slide show after dinner. So, join The Trippist for stories of things gone wrong and right. Funny, sad, dangerous and, as far as we know, true. ... More...
May 1, 202300:31:36
John Macdonald takes us on the Hippie Trail, a months-long road trip from Kathmandu to London in the 1970s. We let you be the judge of whether it was a good fit or not for an unsupervised 16-year-old American hashish enthusiast.
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May 1, 202300:31:46
It's "Heart Of Darkness" meets, well, "Heart Of Darkness" as Tim Bahr heads up the Amazon to film and take part in an ayahuasca ceremony only to be menaced by an off-the-grid U.S. Army colonel.
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September 30, 202200:24:57
Amit Hasak Gets Hijacked - Part 2
... More...
September 30, 202200:28:00
Amit Hasak was the victim of a hijacking
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September 30, 202200:39:26
Alt Music King Robbie Fulks
... More...
September 30, 202200:27:29
Kim Macdonald
... More...
September 22, 202200:22:15
The Trippist talks with Noble Franson
... More...
September 22, 202200:35:45
Voice over artist Donna Fulks describes working with Oprah Winfrey.
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