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Reduced Shakespeare Company Podcast

A bright, breezy, and entertaining affair, well stocked with interviews, features, and excerpts from the shows!" So said The Telegraph (UK) when it named the RSC Podcast one of its Top Podcasts. Backstage drama. Touring trauma. Famous Guests. Infamous quests. Literary analysis. No urinalysis. All this and less – on the Reduced Shakespeare Company Podcast. Find a sample of the best podcast episodes here. ... More...

Weird Al Yankovic

July 22, 200900:23:17

‘Weird Al’ Yankovic squanders his celebrity this week by reflecting on his art, craft, influences, aspirations, and beauty tips. Featuring awesome practical advice (where to record for that cool ambience, how to avoid drive-by shootings), inspirational life lessons (sometimes accordion lessons can lead to greatness), and a special appearance by Ron Bottitta from Lost, it’s a veritable nerdapalooza! (MP3. Length 23:17)