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Backstage Chats with Women In Music

Backstage Chats with Women In Music, hosted by Thea Wood, features interviews with trailblazers and rising stars in the music industry. Whether on stage, behind the scenes, or on air, BCWIM introduces you to the women who are making waves in the music industry. Each episode is entertaining, inspiring, and relatable. Join our band of dreamers, rule breakers, and rock stars today! Produced by Herizon Music Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit based in Austin, TX. Learn more at https://backstagechats.com. ... More...

Lauren LoGrasso: The Future, Fear, and The Age of Creativity

January 13, 202100:38:53

Lauren LoGrasso is a self-proclaimed multi-passionate creative.  Her two new songs “Road to Glory” and “RISE” are anthemic and optimistic at a time when society needs it most. Lauren is a musician, singer/songwriter, actor, podcast producer, and creativity coach who shares her views on creativity's role in overcoming fear, suffering, and the future of society. Love what we're doing? Support our nonprofit Herizon Music Foundation.    Be an angel and give a girl wings!  In this episode, Lauren covers: -- Embracing "angsty optimism" -- Her father's biggest fear for his daughter (sound familiar?)  -- The scary side effects of repressed creativity -- The most common trait that highly creative people share And, of course, her answers to The Shakedown! See additional music videos and social media links at https://backstagechats.com/lauren-lograsso Disclaimer: Opinions of show guests are not necessarily those of Herizon Music Foundation, Inc. or its employees, volunteers, officers/directors, or contractors.