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Backstage Chats with Women In Music

Backstage Chats with Women In Music, hosted by Thea Wood, features interviews with trailblazers and rising stars in the music industry. Whether on stage, behind the scenes, or on air, BCWIM introduces you to the women who are making waves in the music industry. Each episode is entertaining, inspiring, and relatable. Join our band of dreamers, rule breakers, and rock stars today! Produced by Herizon Music Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit based in Austin, TX. Learn more at https://backstagechats.com. ... More...

Ep 7: Boyfriend Wants Your F*ing Attention

August 12, 201900:35:22

In this episode, Boyfriend chats about: Reconciling her rap cabaret art with her conservative christian upbringing Experiencing Imposter Syndrome Hairy armpits & beauty pains The problem with social media And don't forget about The Shakedown, a standard set of questions we ask all of our special guests! Who was your first concert?What was the first album you bought with your own money?Which artist or band is in heavy rotation on your playlist right now?Which woman has had the most influence on your career?If you could have dinner with any woman dead or alive, who would it be?What is one life goal you’d like to accomplish before climbing that golden Stairway To Heaven?